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Paint Correction & Fine Scratch Removal

A special dual action machine polish will fix most swirls, scuffs & scratches as well as bring the life, gloss, and shine back to your paint.

Ceramic Coatings & Paint Protection

What is Paint Correction?

Ceramic coatings will seal in and protect your car  from the most common wear and tear you see on modern vehicles. The finish helps reject contamination, staining and dirt. Its like Armor for your car.

Paint correction is a term used to describe the process of fixing swirls, scuffs, and scratches. 99% of the cars on the road suffer from swirls. Out of that 99%, many will eventually get to the point of no return and no longer be able to be repaired.



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A collection of cars we've renovated with passion

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Flash back to 2004. Before the hype, before the massive growth of niche detailing companies and before any major ceramic coating entered the market. It never started as a business or as a way to make money. It started as an obsession. Born as a Swiss my Attention to detail and Precision came naturally.
AutoVelvet started as a hobby and a passion for cars. From the feeling of relaxation as foam gently slides off the paint or the sensation of a Polishing machine and the way it feels in my hands as i polish away years of damage.
It all started as an obsession and to this day, continues as an obsession. Now with this deep Passion for the car industry i am wanting to make these services available to the Everyday Commuter right through to the Car Obsessed Enthusiast!



50 Francolin Road Camps bay

Cape Town Western Cape

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