Everyone needs paint correction

Look closely at your car under the sun or under a street lamp. Do you see scratches and swirls? Do they make your car look dull, old, and unprofessional? 99% of the cars on the road suffer from swirls. Out of that 99%, many will eventually get to the point of no return and no longer be able to be repaired.


What causes swirls?

Swirls are actually fine thin scratches all over the paint that reflect back with light. They make cars look dull by diffusing the light and dulling the reflections. Swirls are caused by dirt or other contaminants rubbing against the paint. Low quality towels, dirty towels, and dirty wash sponges can cause very serious swirling. Automated car washes are at the top of the list for causing swirls. Their goal is speed and efficiency. Not quality and effectiveness. How many times have you seen dozens of cars waiting on line for the automated wash. How many cars is that in a year? 100’s? 1000’s? Now think of all of the dirt, rocks, and even road salt stuck on the car heading in before you. That gets all over the automated brushes and towels about to slap themselves up against your car. Then the low grade towels being reused over and over again outside. Now you understand why they are commonly called, “Swirl-O-Matics.”

What does a ceramic coating do?

To simplify the process and without going into extreme detail into the chemistry of ceramics, this makes your car easy to clean and provides a long lasting Gloss Shine and Protection. But if you’d like to discuss the chemistry behind ceramic coatings and polymers, I am absolutely more than happy to go into extreme detail and conversation. Below i have added some nice YouTube Clips on Paint Correction and Ceramic Coatings. Enjoy them. Looking after your car is Fun! 

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